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Section 1

一个女孩Anita 在学校找part time job
1. What does the girl want to get: (a part-time job)
2. Which year is the student in: (the third year) (有干扰项4years 但他休学了一年)
3.(Sports Center)(注意大写)
Have evening lecture
4. (Cleaner)
xxx center
Too early to go
Shop assistance
5. (library)
最后她决定去做Office Assistant 老师叫她填一个表
6. (International) House
Room number
7. ( B659)
8. (Office Assistant/reception)
9. (answer the phone)
Interview time
10. (11:30AM on Friday)

Section 2 新题

Section 3

是两个学生讨论自己的专业主要讨论的是film,前面有几个选择加填空不难,后面一页纸是一长大的流程图,叙述了film 的制作过程
21. 女生对这次参观的感觉? 选: B. inspirit
A. *****     B. inspirit     C. appropriate
22.  女生曾经参与过的一个有关trip的节目,感觉如何? 选:A. Tiring
23. 男生认为一些数据?选:C. inaccurate不准确 (因为此前男生曾经在报纸上看到过这些数据)
24. 选择比例图:那个年龄层次的人更钟意看肥皂剧?选:A  ( 7-10岁的最小,然后11-13 其次,最后14-15 最大)
25. 选择比例图:比较英国和美国的电视频道? 选: A  (一个开头字母为E 的是最小,是一个递减的图为答案)
Have a 26.(story conference),然后做一个27.(planning meeting), 接着经历28.(4 weeks)的讨论,最后29. decided by (videotape editor)

Section 4
Now, turn to Section 4 on page 7.
Section 4, you're going to hear part of a lecture given at a university. The lecturer is talking to a group of first your students; first, you'll have some time to look at 31 to 40 on pages 7 and 8. Now, listen carefully and answer question 25 to 30.
Lecturer: Can everybody hear me? Is the microphone working? Good, now, welcome everybody to the second of these lectures on successful study at college. Yesterday, we looked at housekeeping issues. Where to find information, how to use library computer system, and so on. Today, we're Time Management. And those of you who are interested in doing some extra reading on the subject are very welcome to see me after the lecture as I have a booklet here.
Now, Time Management. In the past, this used to main making list, so as to plan for every hour of the week and then try to stick to this plan. These days, however, the whole idea of managing time has changed. That's impossible to manage time. To manage time, you need to a clear idea both of what you want to achieve, how to achieve it. Also need to set goals; need to move towards achieving those goals in an effective and systematic way.
In our subject in this college, our school goes mid-semester and at the end of semester, usually involves two written assignments of between 1500 and 3000 words in length, if you work weeks of the term, everyone looks cheerful and focused, followed by week 6, assignment time, people start to look a lot stressed. The library reports the increasing number of students become angry when books are not available. So, what has happened? Has everybody become irritable and angry for no reason? Why? The reason is people have not, managed well, they have not set priorities for reaching their goals and, as a result, some of them would do badly in their assignment. This will not be because they lack intelligence or love of the subject. They will fail because they did not have a cleaner idea of what they have to do and how long it would take them. 
Let's step back a minute what does it mean establishing goals? Basically, it means deciding what you want to achieve. In other words, deciding on the results that you want to achieve, all the student. That I mentioned before who found themselves very stressed. If they have an assignment to do. But they did not fully think through the effect that this would have on their day-to-day life. There's an awful lot of spare time in a day. Just think for a moment of all the time that you have badly today. For example, if you had managed to spend some of it even just one hour on an activity that would have helped you with your study. That one-hour could have a major impact in you course. Particularly, if you make it a regular habit.
I'm asking how to have a book at the planners in your information kits. You will set that there are three: One term planner. One weekly planner. One pay planner. The term planner is to help you get an overview of everything that will need to do for the term. The weekly planner is to help you week by week, and the daily planner win help you with detailed planning.
Before we go any further, now I would like you to make a note in your daily planner. I want you to picture how you could make a major difference in your life by spending just one hour a day on some activity for the next term. Background reading, for example, or, preparing a bibliography. Now, imagine end of the term the term diary and the weekly diary are the most important ones. However, a week is really the shortest time you can have to set an overview of your time. Now, you need to set priorities for the term. Look out, how you could achieve those priorities, and the result that you desire, if you can get into the habit of planning like this, you'll soon find that you've actually had more time to spend on relaxation and other activities that you enjoy.
Now, let's share some of the ideas that you've come up with; I'll divide you up into groups to share your ideas. Okay.
Narrator: That is the end of section 4.You will now have half a minute to check your answers. You now have ten minutes to transfer your answers to the listening sheet.
31. 老师讲的是what is the lecture provide? 选:A. extra materials 
32. 以前制定时间计划指?选: B plan all the available time
34在的时间计划?选:work systematically
35.学校在期末的要求? 选:B extensive writing
36.目的? 选:B get good results
期末压力大的原因是什么 one sight that student feel press is?  选:  A trouble in library
A .trouble in library  B.low attendence    C.anger with no reason    D. no reason
37.给所有学生?选: A practical materials for planning
38. suggest?选: plan an hour
39.focus on?选: B weeks and terms
40.选:B.plan all the available time  
A. make plan every day   B.plan all the available time    C.more leisure time

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