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Task1:是3个pie charts,说的是英国几家音乐公司在1992,1997,2002三个时期不同的分享市场即music
Task2:Some people think the government should pay for health care and
education, but other people think it's not government's
responsibility. Discuss both sides and your opinion.

Task1:Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe四个国家Area of land affected by
Task2:Many employees may work at home with the modern technology. Some
people claim that it can benefit only the workers, not the employers.
Do you agree or disagree?

Task1:是两个曲线图:trends of population in Pacific Ocean countries & age
structure;有两个line graph, 第1个是农村人口/城市人口和总人口1850---2040年变化,
Task2:Detailed description of crimes on newspaper and TV has bad
influence,should this kind of information be restricted on media?

Task1:澳大利亚和法国1980和2000年的electricity production of fuel

Task2:Many people say that we have developed into a "throw-away
"culture, because we are filling up our environment with so many
plastic bags and rubbish that we cannot fully dispose of. To want
degree do you agree with this opinion and what measures can you
recommend reducing this problem?

Task1:一个曲线图,一个TABLE. 澳大利亚的游客数量在2001和2002两年中每月的变化. TABLE是按游客的国籍分,
前面一栏是数量, 后面一栏是2002年的增长率. 新西兰最多, 中国最少. 但是只有中国和倒数第二的国家02年是增长了的.
Task2:Scientists believe that studying the behavior of three-year-old
child can see they growing up to be criminals. To what extend to the
criminal is product of human nature or is possible to stop the
children growing up to criminals.

Task2:移民到另一个国家应该接受那里的文化AS THEIR OWN,还是独立成为一个少数群体。

Task1:单图,曲线,横轴是1990~2010,纵轴是percentage of cinema attendance at least
once a year。澳大利亚1990年到目前还有预测到2010年,各年龄层(14-24 years old,25-39 years
old,40-48 years old和50+ years old)attending cinema的百分比。
Task2:Children who are brought up in families which have not amount of
money are better prepared to deal with the problem of adult life than
children are brought up by wealthy parents. Do you agree or disagree?

Task1:三个小图,展示了英国的大学生人数和他们的家庭收入,以及政府对他们的资助,分别是 pie chart家庭收入8%没钱,
62%正常家庭,30%富裕家庭, bar chart人数上升1991年到2001数据,1999年最多超过2 million 1991年最少
less than 1 million, line chart 1991年到2001年快速递减后几年持平.
Task2:The only way to improve the safety in the roads is to give much
stricter punishment for driving offences. Agree or Disagree?

Task1:两个table,一个是full-time work hours, 一个是part-time work hours,让你拿他们和欧洲标准作比较
Full-time work hours in Europe per weak in 2002
Women Men
Europe average

Task2: Some people believe that the use of animals for experimentation
purpose is cruel, others believe that it is necessary for the
development of science.

Task1:bar chart,给出了jakarta,shanghai 和st.paul三个城市在1990
Task2:In many countries, good school and medical facilities are only
available in cities. To improve this kind of condition, many people
argue that all of the new teachers and doctors should work in rural
areas for several years. Others disagree because everyone has right to
choose his own job. Discuss both of the ideas and what is your

Task1:2个柱状图,一个是average number of hours people spending on watching TV
from 1991-2001 in Canada.另一个是 average number of hours of TV watched by
age in 2001.
Task2:The speeding up in the life such as communication and travel,
have negative affect on individual, national and globe, to what extent
do you agree or disagree?

Task2:Some people think that increasing business and cultural contacts
have a positive influence to development, others think that it has a
negative effects to national identities.

Task1: 一个table题,比较澳大利亚从1987到2001的nursing workers'
employment的变化。横着有employment 1987和employment
Task2: Recently, global trade increase between the countries. good
materials, such as some dairy goods are produced in other country, but
some people think it is not good because of the long distance。

Task1: 表格:2001年men and women in Sydney 不同的交通工具去上班。
Task2: Advertising encourages in quantity not in quality, to what
degree you agree or not agree?

Task1:一个table 题,澳洲每月花费的表格
Task2:The main purpose of libraries is to provide books, therefore
they should not use limited resources and space to provide computer
software, DVDs etc. Do you agree or disagree?

Task1:work hours weekly in Australia in 2001,3个饼状图 一个是hours by
employees 分为long hours /part time/full time,另一个是hours by
owners/managers 也分为long hours ......,第3个是total workforce 就是以上两个的总结
Task2:Far too little has been done to prevent animals and plants for
die out , but people has been notice this problem for a long time ?
Why people do little action about it? and give your suggestion how to
solve this situation?

Task1:bar chart, participation in sports for Australian children in
outside school hours in 2003. 图是boy & girl 在不同sports项目中的%.

Task2:Scientific research should carried out and controlled by
government rather than private companies to what extent do you agree
or disagree?

Task1:个TABLE的 shows the information about three types of fuel used in
Britian, and their expected to last.
coal 25% 16350 300 years
oil 43% 5000(not sure) 30year
musu..(forget) 3.5% 300 200 years
Task2:It is more important for building to serve it purpose than look
beautiful. Architects should not worry about building as works of art.


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