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范例一: 计算机专业
范例二: 经济与金融专业
范例三: 法律专业
范例四: 历史专业

Computer Science Personal Statement

Computing and its applications have always fascinated me and for this reason I have found my A-level courses extremely interesting. This also has maintained my long-term interest in computer-related careers.

I have studied mathematics, physics and computing to A-level and also during the first year at Hills Road Sixth Form College I re-took my GCSE English. Last year and this year I have been improving my self-learning, and developing many skills with the help of the key skills qualifications and A-level General Studies.

My sincerest desire is to become a computer scientist. Specifically, I am interested in exploring how problems can be modeled and solved using artificial intelligence. I also want to learn about human cognition and machine intelligence. I have been studying the online debate over whether machines will ever become "intelligent" given the current course of research and reading about such issues as whether a machine can acquire "common sense" (as discussed in Hubert Dreyfus's book “What Computers Still Can't Do”). I have been exploring many different areas within the domain of artificial intelligence (such as neural networks, genetic algorithms, and natural language processing). The bottom line is that I want to be a part of this exciting field.

Over the summer I traveled to Russia, and thoroughly enjoyed exploring a very different part of the world.

My other interests include current affairs and sports, such as football, tennis and general fitness. Ever since the start of sixth form I have been a successful member of the college football team. I have played basketball as an enrichment activity because it was a new sport to me at the beginning of sixth form. I also participated in a 5-a-side indoor football tournament at the college. In addition to pursuing my academic studies I would like to continue some of these sports at university.


Economics and Finance Personal Statement

Having a flair for Economics and accounting I have decided that I want a degree in Accounting and Finance or Management. The many brilliant representatives of the management community around the world have strengthened that resolve.

When I worked in my school as a tutor of English as a Second Language for students from a community school in Muscat, I realized the importance of a strong leader who could organize, command respect, and be able to work well with others. These ideas were further enforced by my month long internship at Novartis Pharmaceutical (Accounts and Finance Department and Human Resources Department).

I attended the Harvard Model Congress in Paris and won the Award of Distinction. One skill in particular that contributed to this award was my confident public speaking.

The last 4 months have been crucial in my learning of real world business and economics. For my IB Extended Essay, titled “To What Extent Does Subway in Oman Operate as an Oligopoly”, I set out to prove the oligpolistic structure of the fast food market in Oman. In this effort, I have come across many real life complexities in pricing behaviour, profit making and other aspects of the Theory of the Firm. While attempting to explain these alternate theories of firms I have developed a keen interest in analyzing and understanding how the world of business works.

After an undergraduate degree in accounting and finance or management I plan to go onto post graduate studies and work on an MBA. A strong performance in a BA will allow me to move onto an MBA and only then shall I be satisfied.

For the last four years I have been part of our schools volleyball team ICE. We have retained our ISAC (Inter Schools Activities Conference, Middle East) title for four years. Playing in the power hitters (spiker) position requires immense physical fitness and to accomplish that I regularly go to the gym for fitness training. I am also part of my school track and field team. Being the fastest sprinter in the school since 11th grade the 100m, 200m and 400m races are my specialty even though I still pursue long distance running. In my spare time I explore and master the computer as I am conversant with a Visual Basic Programming course. It is imperative for me to have the latest hardware and software and I make it a point to install everything myself. I also learn Urdu as it is my native tongue and a link to my culture, to maintain that is crucial.

Living in a diverse international community of over 52 nationalities has allowed to me recognize and appreciate different cultures. With the experience I have and the strong motivation to craft a bright future I feel I can justify my decision to pursue a career in Accounting and Finance or Management.


Law Personal Statement

I am a person keen on challenges. Law will provide me with the kind of constant challenge I have always craved, while helping me to improve my analytical, practical & communication skills. Also my concern and curiosity about society and its people inspired me to pursue this subject for my higher education, as I believe Law plays an essential role in the changing nature of society.

My upbringing has honed my perception of society and people leading me to be acutely aware of social injustice, inequality, exploitation, discrimination, and religious fundamentalism, especially in a society such as the one I come from - Bangladesh. I possess a desire, to struggle if necessary through my life in establishing a society which will be free from exploitation and inequality. As such, I have chosen to study Law, for I believe the proper implementation of Law is the only potent weapon to obliterate injustice. I believe throughout the history of the world, working classes have been deceived by the upper class bourgeoisie and the elites - my ultimate goal in life is to establish the rights of the socially deprived classes. I always have wondered why Law has not been used to raise the voice of the working class, and why it has been used to safeguard the interests of people who are exploiting. I seek a new definition of human rights – the true definition, without exploitation and corruption colouring the notion. My greatest wonder is why our society and the legal system, do not point out economic exploitation as an abuse of human rights; for it is the root of poverty, which elicits crime. If the creation of Law is to curb injustice, why has it not been used to eradicate this injustice? Taking law as a subject for higher education will hopefully help me find answers to my questions, and will teach me the proper method of implementation.

I am someone who is passionate to evaluate problems. I am not an extremist but I do not hesitate to resort to radical measures if the situation forces it. I believe, in a society, co-operation is more desired than competition; competition doesn’t necessarily bring rapid prosperity. I adhere to a socialistic political ideology, and aim to devote myself in establishing true socialism. I am from a country, which has been subject to military dictatorship for over twenty years after her independence. My political consciousness grew during the time, when my father was imprisoned by the military just because he was a leader of a political party who opposed military regime. Police and military jointly ran a brutal campaign throughout the country to repress politicians, where they imprisoned and sometimes killed thousands of students, politicians, professionals, workers, and even soldiers. These incidents severely affected my family, making my childhood a turbulent time. After the military regime failed, a western style democratic political structure was set up, which gave nothing, yet increased the discontent of the

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