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Personal Statement
Yunshan Wu

I sincerely hope that I can be accepted as one of the graduate students at your university, which is well known for its accomplished faculty and modern resources. It provides students from all over the world with a good chance to learn from different cultures. It is an ideal place for further study. Taking more advanced course in your university will surely enable me to realize my long--cherished dream of significantly improving people’s living and working condition. I firmly believe that I can make great progress in my future study at your university.

My childhood was spent in a coastal Chinese city Ningbo where my father worked in a laundry factory. While visiting his workroom, I often noticed that the working efficiency of the factory was terribly low. The operational techniques were backward and tedious due to lack of computerized automation. Realizing this during my senior year in high school, I said to myself that I would do my best to improve this situation in the near future. I successfully passed the National College Entrance Examination and enlisted in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Zhejiang University, which is the leading electrical engineering department in China.

When I entered into Zhejiang University in 1998, I already stood out among the freshmen. My interests in computer-based technologies further intensified in the following college years. I became very curious at integrated circuits and their applications. Knowing that computerized technologies were essential in all aspects of life, I studied hard on the coursework not only from my major of Applied Electronic Technology, but also from electives of Computer Science. However, I was not a bookworm. To broaden my vision and enrich my knowledge, I also chose courses in certain fields such as Signal & System and Fundamentals of Machine Design. I have spent considerably more time in the library and laboratories than my classmates, which helped to improve my academic grades gradually but firmly during my college years.

Through practical training and research projects in the summer internships and the senior year at Zhejiang University, I have gained my research experience of electronics, especially in the programming of EDA tools for VLSI Design as well as the development of CPU. With a solid grounding of Mathematics, I acted perfectly in research areas. In Jul. 2001, my design “Digital Controller of Running Machine” achieved the only “Excellent Programming” with the top grade “A”. My extraordinary talent, teamwork spirit and innovation greatly impressed my research teachers, thereby in my senior year I was recommended by my class advisor and finally become the only undergraduate student in my class who was selected into the institute of VLSI.

The more I learnt on campus, the more I hoped to see the real world outside the ivory tower. In the age of so called information revolution, however, the complexity of electronics and computer technologies requires more knowledge, and with China’s entry into WTO, the contact between China and other countries will be more frequent than ever before. Therefore, I am applying for the MSc program in Electronics or Computer Science at your university in order to make an advanced study. The specific objectives of my educational program and professional career are to help me to become a computer engineer or a research scientist in electronic technologies. As we all know, the corresponding faculty in your university has high standards of teaching and supervision, and provides excellent masters courses both in taught and research. I hope to be accepted, and do my best to make further improvement.



Yunshan Wu

November 2001
Nationality: P.R.ChinaGender: Male Marital status: single Date of birth: 11/28/1979Place of birth: Ningbo, Zhejiang province, China
Phone: 86-571-87932XXX E-mail: tortoisewu@163.net
Address: Box 1128,Yuquan Campus, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou 310027,P.R.C.


☆Zhejiang University (One of the five top universities in P.R.China) Sep. 1998 - present
Major: Applied Electronic Technology
Headship: Head of the Student Affairs Committee and Class monitor
Award: Special Scholarship of Communicate Service (2000)
Excellent Leader (2000)
Special Scholarship of Extracurricular Activities (1999)

☆Ningbo Foreign Language School(Best high school in Zhejiang) Sep. 1995 - Jul. 1998
Top Student0
Highest total scores in National University Entrance Examination in Ningbo Foreign Language School.

Work Experience:
☆ Laboratory of Electronics Jul. 2000
Research Project: Simulate the digital frequency counter in the computer
Responsibility: Principal

☆ Laboratory of Digital Electronics Nov. 2000
Finish designing a power amplifier with EDA software like Protel99 and Pspice
Award: First-class job

☆ Laboratory of Applied Electronics Jul. 2001
Design and complete a MCS-51 System “Digital Controller of Running Machine” independently in the course of “Engineering Practice”
Award: Excellent Programming with the highest grade “A”

☆ “Kuangke” English Club Oct. 2001-present
Work as a part-time English teacher

English Proficiency:
IELTS: 6.5, Oct. 13th, 2001
Strong ability in reading, writing, speaking and listening

Drawing, Singing, Roller skating, Reading and many others

Special Skills:
Basketball: Excellent player (Once be chosen the representative of Zhejiang University)


This is to certify that Mr. Wu Yunshan, born on November 28, 1979, has studied in the Department of Electrical Engineering, Zhejiang University with a specialty of Applied Electronic Technology from September 1998 to June 2002. Upon completing and passing all the required courses of the 4-year undergraduate program, he is granted graduation.

Pan Yunhe
President of
Zhejiang University
Registration No.: 02202800
Date Issued: June 30, 2002

recommendation letter 1

Department of Electrical Engineering
Zhejiang University
Hangzhou 310027
Jan. 19th, 2002

Dear Sir or Madam:

The purpose of this letter is to recommend Mr. Yunshan Wu, one of my favorite students, for admission to your graduate program.

As his teacher in the course of “Principles of Electromagnetic fields”, I got to know him one year ago. I found that he had very solid foundation of mathematics & physics, and these helped to strengthen his reasoning ability in electronic fields. Owing to his spirit of curiosity and preciseness, he always reasoned rules clearly with his own ability before accepting them. He not only showed his hardworking effort, but also demonstrated his extraordinary talents in this course.

As for personal character, honesty and cooperativeness may be two main points in Mr. Wu. In fact, his optimistic and easy-going nature has made him a central figure among his classmates. Moreover, the easy-going and adaptive temperament plus his strong language ability would help him quickly adapt to a new environment.

I am firmly convinced that Mr. Wu is sufficiently prepared for his proposed study and he will make significant contributions to your program. His application has my strongest recommendation. If more information about him is required, please do not hesitate to write to me directly.

Yours Sincerely

Guangzheng Ni Professor and Head of the Electromagnetic Institute
Department of Electrical Engineering
Zhejiang University
E-mail: nigz@cee.zju.edu.cn

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