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1.A major step in the development of algebra was the evolution of an accurate understand of negative quantities.

2. If television had been invented a thousand years ago, will nations be significantly more homogeneous than they are now?

3. To the citizens of the United States, the bald eagle, America’s national bird, symbolize strength and freedom.

4. authenticity stained glass is colored while the glass is in a liquid state.

5. On most scales, zero marks the starting point or the neutralize position.

6. Traditionally, ethnographers and linguists have paid little attention to cultural interpretations given to silence, or to the types of social contexts in which tends to occur.

7. The research of Percy Julian has contributed to the creation of drugs that are in widespread use over victims of arthritis.

8. The Appalachian Trail, extending approximately 2020 miles from Maine to Georgia, is the longer continuous marked footpath in the world.

9. When rainbows appear, they are always in the part of the sky opposite directly the Sun.

10. Benjamin Franklin drew a political cartoon that is credited raising 10000 volunteers for the American Revolutionary War.

11. Luminescence refers to the emission of light by means another than heat.

12. George Washington Carver found hundred of uses for the peanut, the sweet potato, and the soybean and thus stimulated the cultivation of these crops.

13. Since 1971 the regional corporations set up in Alaska by Congress managing everything from fishing to banking.

词性混用:形容词必须修饰名词; of前面也必须是名词。

2。will-->would,be-->have been(也可不改)。
虚拟语气只对它的主句起作用。所以"than they are now"没有错。

抽象名词如果不特指,不需加任何冠词和定冠词。strenghth and freedom 是抽象名词。


5。neutralize-->neutralizing 属词性误用

6。which tend to-->which it tend to 属缺指代词的错误
注意given to silence前省略了which are:which are/is的引导词和伴随的系动词可随时省略,越省略越正确。(名词+过去分词/现在分词修饰名词做定语时,常常是定语从句的省略)

7。over-->by/on 属介词误用

continous marked path=continous and marked path

9。opposite directly-->directly opposite

10。is credited raising--is credited with raising 属固定搭配与词组的使用 is 没错,但也可用was,动作人可以是现在或将来的人。

by means other than 靠除了。。。的方法
by means of 靠。。。方法
means 的四个词组: by means of other than
by means of
by all means 一定
by no means 绝不

13。set up-->were set up
名词+ing可指一个行业:fishing 渔业 banking 银行业

14。The metal aluminum has been first isolated early in the nineteenth century.


15。The boiled point of any liquid is determined by the pressure of the surrounding gases.

16。On May 20, 1932, Amelia Earhart become the first woman fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.

17。Industrial buyers are responsible for supplying the goods and services that an organization required for its operations.

18。The field of dynamics in physics is concerned with a particle’s motion in relation to the forces acting it.

19。The origins of the Democratic party is often traced the coalition formed behind Thomas Jefferson in the 1790’s to resist the policies of George Washington’s administration.

20。It has been calculated that the Earth’s circumference around the equator is over forty longermiles than the circumference around the two poles.

21。The first libraries in the North American colonies was established in Massachusetts in the year 163/8.

22。How many people remember listening to Orson Welles’ 1938 radio broadcast, "The War of the world", which convince thousands that space aliens had invaded the Earth?

23。Pewter, a metal with an ancient heritage, is still practical medium for the nonprofessional metalworker.

24。A principle of manager is to ensure that every action or decision achieves a carefully planned goal.

25。A good exercise program helps teach people to avoid the habits that might shorten the lives.

26。Researches at the University of Colorado are investigating a series of indicators that could help themselves to predict earthquakes.

27。A common use with gold in the nineteenth century was as a standard for the value of money.

28。Mahogany is often considered the finest cabinet wood because they has most of the qualities desired for furniture making.

29。A hologram is a pattern usually made on film in that can create a three-dimensional image of scene.

30。Principal known for his dictionary Noah Webster was also the first epidemiologist in the United States.

31。Almanacs in simple form have been known from the invention of writing.

32。The relationship of Latin American music to Black music in the United States is clearly evident in the unaccented beats that are common to either.

33。The methods of spectrum analysis vary according to the wavelength region were studied.

34。Harvesting of grains is affected by annual changes in temperature or in the amount of moisture, but both.

35。A patent gives inventors exclusive rights to their inventions for a fix period of time.

36。A statue, a monumental, a building, or a park may be dedicated to commemorate a distinguished individual.

37。The elbows are joints that connect people’s up arms with their forearms.

38。A musician with multiply talents, Atetha Franklin is able to write songs that are unusually consistent in style and content.

39。Sociological studies have found that deeply hold values and principles are highly resistant to change.

40。Benjamin Franklin made the first bifocal spectacles for self by sawing the lenses of his eyeglasses in half.

14。has been-->was

15。 boiled point-->boiling point 属现在分词与过去分词的混用
煮过的开水 正在开的水

16。fly-->to fly
became the first person to do sth


18.acting it-->acting on it
act ont sth对。。。起作用,产生影响
be concerned with
in relation to


20.forty longer miles-->forty miles longer

first,only后可接复数: the first(第一批) Chinese students to USA
The only studends left behind.

thousands=thousands of people

23.still practical-->still a practical





be considered后面不加as

29.in that-->that



32。either-->both 属指代词错误
relationship of sth to sth ...和...的关系


34. but-->or

35. fix-->fixed

36. monument-->monumental
注意dedicate to:1.献身于。。。(to是介词) eg.I’m dedicated to studying English.

outer space; inner space

consistent in 在。。。方面一致
consistent with 和。。。方面一致




41。Moles are almost completely blind, although its tiny eyes can distinguish light from dark.

42。The Cubist movement in art was a reaction against traditional methods of portray reality.

43。Certain types of computers work properly only

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