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"The best ideas arise from a passionate interest in commonplace things."

Because this claim about the origin of "the best ideas" is very broad, you will need to think about how to focus your analysis with respect to the three key phrases of the claim. You might begin by considering each key phrase and its relationship to the other two.大家请注意its relationship to the other two这点对中国考生是难点,也是大家习惯忽略的问题。请注意看以下三点(也就是issue题目传递给你需要你重点考虑的信息):

Best ideas -- What kind of ideas can be identified as "the best"? Do they have different characteristics in different fields, such as science, politics, education, and art?看到后面的:science, politics, education, and art没有?对了,这几个方面只要你有想到,那你的issue就很有普遍性了(ets很喜欢有代表性的,普遍性的东西哟),在以后大家对issue的论述一定要想到:这个问题在science(academic fields), politics, education, art, and normal(custom and value)会有什么作用,有什么差别等等。还有一点:这种best极端的词出现在题目里要好好想想,only出现时也一样。

Passionate interest -- What is the relationship between "passionate interest" and quality of ideas? 好的,知道这个issue的complexity在哪里了吧(通常issue都会涉及到几个概念的关系,而这个关系恰恰就是重点,需要仔细揣摩的,大家千万要好好练习这方面的论述哟。)Could a thorough and careful program of investigation be evidence of a "passionate interest"? 看到吗?连在ets的题目分析里,你也可以学到很多东西,如举例论证加疑问句。Note that the claim is not that a passionate interest always gives rise to ideas that are among the best, but that the best ideas always derive from a passionate interest in something.哟,这里有点充分非必要条件的味道。大家看看。The best ideas 来自passionate interest.但是passionate interest不一定可以带来the best ideas.大家要小心这点哟。

Commonplace things -- What is the relationship between interest in "commonplace things" and the best ideas? 这点比较容易想得到。How closely connected to commonplace things are the most important ideas? Are ideas about ordinary things important because they are widely applicable, or are some very abstract ideas important because they express fundamental truths about commonplace things?这里强调了原因,不容易考虑到。让我们来看看这个原因有什么用(看范文)。
Now you are in a strong position to organize your thoughts and decide if the reasons and examples you've identified support the claim as stated, support an opposing point of view, or support a position that qualifies or redefines the claim in some way.看到没有,你的文章可以论述的角度被给出了。记住:任何issue,要有鲜明的position是第一重要的,对中国学生来说(中国考生issue一般都比较水,所以要先让别人看懂) Remember that you are free to take and develop any position you wish, so long as you consider the complexities of the issue and use relevant reasons and/or examples看到or没有?这里我不反对多举例子的论证方式。但是,你的例子一定要详细一点(说出原因和过程来,别光说什么是什么样的就说明了观点,记住:你使用好例子是要去说服别人,而不是简单的告诉别人这个东西是这样的。在你论述原因和过程的同时就已经把reason包括进去了)。 to support your views.

Even the most brilliant thinkers, from Socrates to Satre,很有代表性的例子 live lives in time. A childhood, an adolescence, an adulthood; these are common to me and you as well as the greatest writers. Furthermore, many of the great thinkers we esteem in our Western culture lived somewhat unevetful lives. What distinguished their life from say a common laborer was their work. Therefore, what provided the grist for their work? 反问方式提出主题,多有逻辑啊,漂亮的很。很难学,悠着点。One might say that they were brilliant and this alone was sufficient to distinguish their lives from the masses.记住,这是一种论证方式哟,先介绍一种反方观点,在反驳它来引出自己的观点或是加强自己的观点。 Intellect alone can not devise situations or thoughts from no where; there must be a basis and that basis is most common,呵呵,这不是出来了,greatest 和common的联系吗? if not always, observation of the common, of the quotidian. Critics of this idea may argue that these thinkers were products of fine educations and were well schooled in the classics.这部又来了一种反方观点,再驳斥吗?值得学习呀。
This, they may point to, is the real basis for their knowledge. I would agrue that although it may be a benefit to study classics and be well schooled in diverse disciplines, these pursuits merely refine and hone an ability each and every person has, the ability to study human nature.这个human nature 不就是最最common的吗? Where best to study human nature than in the day to day routine each one of us can witness in him or herself or those around us.这里要说的是,这个可不是简单的开头,人家在介绍背景的同时,反驳了两种观点,同时应出自己的观点。在这个过程中,作者很有目地的覆盖了the complexity of this issue,请大家好好体会。当然,唯一美中不足的是,他没有考虑the passionate interests.
I propose that the two best disciplines to understand this power of the commonplace and its ability to cause a groundswell of thought are philosophy and literature. 有代表性吧?看看人家是怎么举例子的,再比较一下自己那些干巴巴的例子,看出差距了吧。Every school of philosophy, from the Greeks to our day, share a common注意common哟 mission or intent and that is to understand and explain human existence, with all of its concommitant features. Generally speaking, the Greek philosophers, epitomized in Aristotle, attempted to set down rules for human behavior founded on logic. These rules applied not only to the rare forms of human behavior but largely focused on the more mundane motions of daily life.很具体哟。 Many of Aristotle's rules were based on his observations of others as well as himself. 主题出来了Contrast this venture with the existentialists of our century who attempted to look behind the real motivations of human behavior as well understand man's relation to the Universe. To do this, what did these philosophers do? They studied those around them;看主题出来吧,great idea的基础都是common places啊。 they submerged themselves in the commonplace, in cities with hordes of annonymous people. While the existentialists, as well those philosophers before, exploited their uncommon eduation and intellect,顺便又反驳一下反方观点,主体太集中了,羡慕,嫉妒the basis for their movement was ordinary human behavior and existence.看,举例子的过程就是论证的过程,好好感受6分作文的魅力吧。

Finally, literature is similar to philosophy in that it seeks to explain and understand human behavior and therefore rooted in the commonplace.例子间都有比较,太难,不提倡。 Nevertheless, its relative strength over philosophy is literature's ability to emotionally and spiritually move the reader through the use of contrived situations and fictional characters. It can do this when even the central theme of a piece maybe love between a man and a woman (e.g.commonplace). 哦,love多有代表性啊,谁都需要love,呵呵Literature also distinguishes itself from philosophy in that the breadth of the fiction may be huge. The plot and the detail can be quite ordinary or fanatastic. However, this does not mean that the central themes of all literature, whether ordinary or fantastic, deal with human beings and the problems they find in the world, something which we all share.很累了,就分析到这吧,这段希望大家补充。
In conclusion, I hope it has been shown that a passionate desire to understand and explain human behavior, the significance of our existence and deal constructively with the challanges of life are the centerpieces of at least in two of the most influential areas in human thought.结尾朴实无华,值得学习 What is more commonplace than the existence of man.


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