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1.come around to my point of view. 

2.How about keeping the noise level down in here? 

3.take a makeup exam. 

4.Are there enough assignment sheets to go around? 

5.Wasn't that the city bus that'd just pulled away (drive away)? 

6.I can't decide whether to take anthropology or geology this term. It's six of one and half a dozen of the other. 


1.She never wakes up before her alarm goes off. 

2.Ronald has to renew his passport because it is expired. 

3.The president's speech was thought-provoking,wasn't it? 

4.That's the last thing I needed. 

5.get it over with. (结束不愉快的事情!)

6.native American. 

7.drop some of the courses. 

8.go through the proper channel.(通过官方手续,即到学校办理手续而不能私自放弃) 


10.play it by ear. (现场做准备,临时去编)

11.It remains to be seen... (还得等着看)

12.save wear and tear on ...(保护,减少磨损) 


1.cash a check. (兑支票)

2.The report is all ready to be typed.(报告搞定了) 

3.help-wanted section. 

4.hang around. (逗留)

5.Socrates (苏格拉底) 

6.I hope this isn't catching.(富有感染力) 

7.They are rare breed.(凤毛麟角) 


1.Don't you think it would be wise to review how much we've spent to date? (你不认为把我们到目前为止的花费统计一下是明智的吗?)

2.Come swimming with me? 
Sorry,but I'm up to my neck in work. 


1.She said the demonstration (示范教学) begins at 8 o'clock,didn't she? 

2.Better than half the class was absent. 

3.I spent the last 48 hours cramming for it. 

4.How about reviewing the notes now over a cup of coffee.  (不如我们一边喝咖啡一边复习一下)

5.I'm just taking it one step at a time.(gradually)  (只能告诉你正在一步步完成之中)


1.Susan is head and shoulders above the rest of us.  (Susan比我们的水平高得多)

2.May I have a package of safety pins (别针),please? 

3.The art museum shop has all sorts of prints(版画) that are inexpensive and colorful.


1.Last night I tossed and turned in bed,too exhausted to sleep. 

2.She went back to classes right after she was released from the hospital. 

3.Your hard work won't go unrewarded.(你的努力不会不获得回报) 

4.finish his biology project. 

5.raise the roof 

6.That's an amazing sculpture, isn't it? 
You can say that again.(你说得对极了) 

7.The weather forecast is for rain tomorrow. 

8.He can't get away with that。(他不能一走了知) 

9.Where did you put the iron? 


1.would you care to leave a message? (要不要留话下来?)

2.Was that ever an impressive performance! (这是一场了不起的演出!)

3.Save the explanation. (别解释了)

4.at the circulation desk. (图书馆中借还书的柜台)

5.I'm finished. 

6.dissertation (博士论文)

7.administration building. 


1.register for 


3.infirmary doesn't stock prescription medicines 

4.This is a great restaurant.  Isn't it ever! 

5.They are building a new shopping center near my house. 
Not another one. 

6.I'm lucky I made it to the exam on time. 

7.furnish the report 


1.It's unlike Diane to be so inconsiderate. 

2.The rain will probably let up in a little while. 

3.I am going in any event. 

4.I'm sorry I returned your course guide too late for your class at 10. 
That's OK,I looked on with a friend. 

5.I don't imagine you have the pocket calculator I could use. 

6.What a shame! (真倒霉) 

7.two-hour reserve in the library. 


1.He doesn't exercise because he likes to. 

2.You ought to see a doctor about that cough right away. 

3.Can you fit me in on (把...详情告诉) what we're doing for art history? 

4.Is attendance required? 

5.I couldn't get to a phone. 


1.I preferred to sit in an aisle seat. 

2.Martin is looking into the possibility of getting a loan. 

3.You need to spell out clearer instructions for me. 

4.I was under the impression that they were sold out a long time ago. 


1.drop off to sleep 

2.The meeting has been postponed until further notice. 

3.Just between you and me.(keep it as a secret) 

4.credentials (证件,文凭) 

5.pull down the shade (窗帘) 

6.receive a standing ovation. 

7.take this matter up again. 

8.get this desk in order. 

9.clear it off 


1.The salesperson misled the price tag. 

2.It pays to take a look at the laboratory manual (实验室说明) before a class. 

3.Do you have any idea what this notice is about? 
I'm as in the dark as you are. 

4.Don't be too hard on him, he was only trying to help. 

5.You really should get more exercise, Ellen. 
Well, look who's talking. 

6.Some of the younger students seemed quite aggressive (有闯劲) in the meeting. 
Yes, they really took over when it came to the issue of voting rights. 


1.Lee won the chess match hands down.(易如反掌) 

2.When you interrupted me, you made me lose my train of thought.(思路) 

3.anything but/nothing but 

4.I didn't write that memo to the department chair to amuse myself. 

5.slip one's mind 

6.I think I'll put on that music now. 

7. I heard John was turned down for the graduate fellowship.(研究生奖学金) 

8.Mike promised he'd help on this rush job. But he never showed up. 
Some friend he is.(否定) 


1.How come Michael’s always groaning about something? 

2.To think I was once interested in becoming a veterinarian.(注意语气,怎么会这样的意思) 


1.How did you make out on your last exam? 

2.It's not altogether certain that we will be able to attend the wedding. 

3.A landscape crew is coming today to chop it down. 

4.I'll keep an eye on it. 

5.I finally thought of a way to start my report. 
Put it on paper before you forget. 

6.It's so dry in this building, my lips are cracked. 

7.When does your new sofa arrive? Any day now. 

8.The seam in my coat sleeve is starting to come undone. 


1.My roommate and I decided that this year we'd stay put.(remain in the same place) 

2.The computers in the student center are always tied up. 

3.Ted,would you be interested in serving on the membership committee this year? 
Uhm,Can I get back to you on that? 

4.I am low on laundry detergent.(be short of) 

5.Everyone is raving about the new film at the center theater. 
Yeah.I hear it's quite something. 

6.What a gorgeous jacket. It must have cost a fortune. 
Not at all.It's a hand-me-down. 


1.I'm calling to see if the summer position you advertised in the paper is still available? 

2.Did you hear that Michel turned down that job? 
Yeah, the hours were convenient, but she wouldn't have been able to make ends meet. 

3.brown paper(牛皮纸) 

4.We've been working on this proposal for so long that my eyes are starting to blur. 

5.Everybody needs to take a

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